Jewelry Appraisals

Do you know the most important part of an appraisal is not the value?  It’s the description.  The more precise and accurate your appraisal is, the more specific the insurance company will have to be when replacing items in the event of a loss.  A vague and incomplete appraisal leaves you open to vague and incomplete replacements.  If you have an appraisal done right and thoroughly, you should never have to do it again with the exception of periodic value updates.  The Vierk’s appraisal team consists of both of Lafayette’s only G.I.A. Graduate Gemologists in Residence, Lafayette’s only International Society of Appraisers Member (ISA), and Lafayette’s only member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA).  To be blunt, you won’t find a more qualified staff in Mid-North Indiana!
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All your Jewelry, Coin, Precious Metals, and Gemstone appraisal needs are met at Vierk’s.  

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Jewelry Repair

At Vierk’s we understand the importance and sentimental value of your jewelry.  With our head goldsmith Kent working his magic behind the scenes, your items are safe and sound due to the fact that we do all repair work on site.  Feel free to stop in anytime and have us clean, check, and pamper your jewelry.  

There is no job too big or too small for our jeweler and our laser welder, whom we fondly refer to as Charlotte.  Charlotte allows us to bond metals faster, stronger, and be more precise when working on the most delicate of pieces.  Our shop handles everything from sizing rings, to setting stones, and even soldering a simple break in your favorite chain.  

Each repair generally takes two to four days to complete, but we do offer same day sizing as well.  For estimates and other questions make sure to ask for Tania or Sally, as they currently head the repair department.  They work hand in hand with our jeweler to ensure a smooth process from start to finish with your item(s) being repaired.


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Short term Loans/Buys

borrow cashAt Vierk’s Fine Jewelry we provide an upscale, professional and reliable service for clients who wish to obtain a short term collateralized loans, liquidate their fine jewelry and treasures, or convert diamonds and precious metals to cash.  By paying for each item immediately, you can obtain the funds to satisfy your needs.  Our longevity and expertise makes us uniquely qualified to offer you the highest cash prices available for all gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, fine jewelry, original art, historical autographs, jewelrycollectibles, fine timepieces and unique treasures.   Our worldwide connections and resources work to your advantage.  Our loan services allow you to borrow funds on a short term basis using your property as collateral.  It’s quick, easy, convenient and extremely confidential.  From $25 to $250,000, we are positioned to help you receive maximum monetary funds for most any item of value.  All in all, that’s just a fancy way of saying we’ll pay you the most money for your stuff!